Filter Manufacturers Line Up to Check Out the New FilterFAB Line of Filter Adhesives

A steady stream of attendees stopped at Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ booths during recent trade shows to take a look at our new – and expanding – line of FilterFAB adhesives for filter fabrication.

We launched the FilterFAB line in November at Filtration 2011 and also featured it at the AHR Expo, in January. Interest ran high both at the shows and in response to extensive media coverage of the new line.

Filter manufacturers are intrigued with the speed, strength and versatility of the four adhesives currently comprising the FilterFAB line. These include two water-based Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) adhesives for assembly, a polyurethane adhesive that can handle end cap potting and edge/frame sealing, and a sealant to bond pleated glass or paper media to the frames of air intake panel filters.

Two Powerful PVAs
The two FilterFAB PVA adhesives, FilterFAB 200 and FilterFAB 300, are impressive for their strength and speed. Rigorous in-house testing indicates that both of these adhesives offer stronger bond strength than other filter fabrication adhesives. With a set time of less than 30 seconds, FilterFAB 200 also is one of the fastest-setting adhesives available for filter fabrication. FilterFAB 300 sets almost immediately, as well, but offers some time for repositionability – and eliminates the need to clamp in most cases. Both of these water-based products give you the convenience of one-part formulation and easy cleanup with water.

Versatile FilterFAB 2000
FilterFAB 2000 is a two-component solvent-free polyurethane assembly adhesive for assembling air, water and oil filters. It is ideal for potting filter end caps and bonding side seams. You’ll find this adhesive to be very versatile all-around. It comes in two colors, beige and white, and bonds well to many substrates: metals, PVC, vinyl, fiberglass and cellulosic materials. Room-temperature cure time can be heat accelerated, and the adhesive reaches handling strength in less than ten minutes. Once fully cured, it achieves Shore D Hardness of 80 to 82.

Thick and Quick FilterFAB 150. The fourth FilterFAB adhesive is a water-based vinyl acrylic copolymer sealant that blends high viscosity and high solids into a thick formula that dries quickly and stays flexible. This UL-listed sealant also adheres to frames made from many materials, including steel, wood, plastic and aluminum. Although its primary purpose is to bond pleated glass or paper media to the frames of air intake panel filters, you can use it to seal joints in a broad array of indoor and outdoor HVAC duct systems.

If you want to explore ways that FilterFAB adhesives can simplify filter fabrication at your plant, click here, call us at 800.877.4583 or e-mail us at


See FilterFAB in Action

As the expression says, “seeing is believing.” You can witness the power of two of our FilterFAB adhesives in 30-second videos on our website.

One video features FilterFAB 300, demonstrating the instant set time of this amazing product. In seven seconds, FilterFAB 300 grips two strips of filter frame – and holds them together when a technician attaches weight to induce separation. Strips bonded with a competitive adhesive immediately come apart when weighted. FilterFAB is the fastest-setting adhesive available for filter fabrication.

You can see the strength of FilterFAB 2000 at work in the second video. In this video, the technician fills an end cap with the adhesive and sets the media into this component. The adhesive doesn’t wick up into the media – but it does permanently bond media to the end cap within three minutes. FilterFAB 2000 is where speed meets power.

Click here, and check out the videos yourself. Then, contact us for product samples that you can test in your own plant.


Understanding Adhesives for Filter Fabrication

Up and down the production line at filter manufacturing plants, adhesives are mixed, extruded and coated onto components. Adhesives play a vital role in filter fabrication. And it could be that your role at the plant calls for a good grasp of adhesive basics.

Hugh Evans of Franklin Adhesives & Polymers provides an overview of adhesives for filter fabrication in an article that just appeared in the January/February 2012 issue of Filtration + Separation magazine.
Entitled “Understanding Adhesives for Filter Fabrication,”
the article explains four key adhesives properties (hardness, viscosity, shelf life, percentage of solids) that render some adhesives better than others for specific uses. The article also explores nearly a dozen different types of adhesives used in filter assembly and the mixing and dispensing equipment used to apply these adhesives to filter components. Hugh also provides basic criteria for selecting the right adhesive for the assembly job.

If you have additional questions about adhesives and filter assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 800.877.4583. With more than 75 years experience in provides adhesives solutions for industrial applications – including 15 years serving the filtration industry – we stand ready to help you in any way we can.