Recycling Compatible Adhesives

We are playing a role in helping keep paper out of landfills: The U.S. Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) certified three of its Covinax® pressure sensitive adhesives as “environmentally benign,” ensuring that the adhesives can easily be removed from paper during the recycling process.  

The certification is in part a result of our joint-research project with the University of Minnesota, which was funded by the Department of Energy, to reduce or eliminate residual adhesive from waste paper during recycling. Residual adhesive adheres to papermaking equipment during the manufacture of paper from recycled paper, leading to machine down time and specks or tears in the final paper products. Franklin Adhesives & Polymers provided products for testing to the university; the research team found that three of these formulas were easily removed from paper during re-pulping. 

The three Covinax products to receive FPL certification are Covinax 324-39, 379-05 and 418-01. All three are also FDA compliant under 21CFR 175.105. 

Covinax 324-39 is a vinyl acrylic co-polymer for general purpose permanent pressure sensitive adhesives on tapes and labels. It is used for corrugated substrates, polyolefin films, glass and metals and is easily converted into rolls or sheets without sticky edge problems. This formula can be transfer-coated on most rod, gravure or roll coaters.

The second FPL-certified product, Covinax 379-05, is an acrylic adhesive for permanent pressure sensitive applications, including pharmaceutical labels applications requiring adhesion to curved or irregularly shaped surfaces. The balance between peel and shear strength also renders this formula easily convertible to rolls or sheets. It is specifically designed to be transfer-coated on slot die coaters and can be used on most rod or roll coaters.  

Food packaging manufacturers turn to the third certified product, Covinax 418-01, an acrylic emulsion polymer, for low- and freezer-temperature labels on food packaging materials.  

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers was one of the first major adhesive manufacturers to focus on environmentally friendly products more than two decades ago and remains committed to them today. Our partnership with the University of Minnesota, pursuit of certification, and active focus on development of additional recyclable formulas are one more way for our company to have a positive impact on the environment.