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Franklin Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Covinax 210 a Clear Advancement in Water-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Covinax 210 a Clear Advancement in Water-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

If you are looking for a water-based pressure sensitive adhesive with the high transparency usually offered only in a solvent-based formula, we now have a clear solution for you: ultra-removable Covinax 210.


Unlike other water-based pressure sensitive adhesives, Covinax 210, an acrylic polymer-based formula, offers optical clarity and can be used on any of your applications that require a transparent adhesive. At the same time, it offers you all the advantages of a water-based formula, including high coating speed.


What’s more, Covinax 210 remains durable over the long run – but easily lifts from diverse surfaces. You can use this ultra-removable adhesive as a removable tape or label on most surfaces, including paper, glass, metal and plastics. It works on a wide range of packaging and products, from CD case labels to temporary appliance labels. And, Covinax 210 is FDA-compliant for use with most food and drug packaging.
Clearly, you might want to consider Covinax 210 for just about any application that requires transparency, durability and removability.


Covinax 404

Covinax 404 a Single Solution for Multiple Applications – Including Vinyl Labels

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers offers a pressure sensitive adhesive for just about any application; but one of our newest adhesives, Covinax 404, can handle a multitude of applications all by itself.


Covinax 404 is a vinyl acrylic copolymer developed for use on vinyl labels. At the same time, it offers a unique balance of good peel and tack with high shear strength, making it ideal for use as a general-purpose permanent adhesive.


High shear strength also speeds up die-cutting by reducing adhesive build-up on cutting blades. This tendency maintains dry edges on blades and reduces printer misfeeds, increasing productivity in sheet-fed operations.


We might have developed Covinax 404 for vinyl labels, but you’ll appreciate both its versatility and its impact on your productivity.


Another Clear Winner from the Covinax Line – Covinax 462

Customers are showering praise on a new transparent Covinax pressure sensitive adhesive because it does not haze or blush – making it ideal for use on adhesive-coated film, such as clear product packaging and glass surfaces, including auto glass.


Covinax 462, a styrene-acrylic copolymer, works as well out in the rain as in the shower, too. Its non-yellowing formula easily withstands outdoor and UV exposure.
Additionally, this product coats equally well in either transfer or direct coating processes – helping make it another clear winner from the Covinax line. 


Recycling Compatible Adhesives

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers Takes Center Stage for Role in Recycling Compatible Adhesives

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers played a starring role in a recent article in Label & Narrow Web as a leader in the development of recycling compatible adhesives, or RCAs. The article, “Recycling Compatible Adhesives,” by Steve Katz, appeared in the July/August 2009 issue of Label & Narrow Web. It explores the development of RCAs to enable recycling of paper labels that does not result in issues for paper recycling mills.


Conventional pressure sensitive adhesives can cause problems for mills using recycled paper pulp. During recycling, the paper pulper shreds the adhesives into small particles that pass through the screens behind the pulper. These particles can result in “stickies” that builds up on process equipment during the manufacture of paper, causing downtime and related cleanup costs as well as possible defects in the final paper products.


In fact, stickies from conventional adhesives in recycled paper can cost paper companies as much as $850 million per year, according to Katz. The article devotes a half-page to our role in the development of RCAs to overcome processing problems. We gained RCA certification in part as a result of a joint research project with the University of Minnesota, which was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to reduce or eliminate residual adhesives from waste paper during recycling. The university found that three of our formulas are easily removed from paper during re-pulping.


We offer two FPL-certified recycling compatible adhesives: Covinax 324-39 and Covinax 379-05. Covinax 324-39 is a vinyl acrylic co-polymer for general-purpose permanent pressure sensitive adhesives on labels and tapes. It is used for corrugated substrates, polyolefin films, glass and metals and can be transfer-coated on most rod, gravure or roller coaters.


FPL-certified Covinax 379-05 is an acrylic adhesive for permanent pressure sensitive application, including pharmaceutical label applications requiring adhesion to curved or irregularly shaped surfaces. The balance between peel and shear strength also renders this formula easily convertible to rolls or sheets. It is specifically designed to be transfer-coated on slot die coaters and can be used on most rod or roll coats.


Mike Witte, manager of our division’s pressure sensitive adhesive business, states in the article that because Franklin incurred no development costs to achieve recycling compatibility, our RCAs are very cost-effective, making it easier for you to use recyclable adhesives on the labels you manufacture to benefit the paper industry – and the world.


To gain a fuller understanding of RCAs, take a moment to read RECYCLING COMPATIBLE ADHESIVES. If you need additional information or guidance, feel free to contact us at 614.445.1337 or via email at marketing@franklininternational.com. You can also visit the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) Web site at www.tlmi.com/recyling-standards.php.