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Franklin Introduces First One-Part, Ready-to-Use PVA Adhesive to Pass Tough ASTM Testing for High Water Resistance

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Advantage FJ-1 breaks ground as a one-part PVA wood adhesive that passes ASTM 5572-95 (2012) wet use testing for finger joints. The product is recommended for wet use, non-structural products, such as exterior millwork.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, is reducing production time in the manufacture of interior and exterior non-structural wood components with the development of its first one-part cross-linked PVA finger jointing adhesive to pass rigorous ASTM 5572-95 (2012) testing for water resistance.

The new Advantage FJ-1 stands alone in its ability to provide high water resistance in a ready-to-use PVA product. PVA adhesives that achieve a similar level of water resistance for finger jointing applications typically are two-part. One-part formulation offers several benefits to wood component manufacturers: It saves time lost to pre-mixing components, avoids any injury from handling an acid catalyst and eliminates the risk of improper mixing, which could compromise end-product quality. Additionally, it allows the manufacturer to pump directly from the tote to an extrusion system without a separate feed and mixing of the catalyst.

In addition to passing ASTM testing, Advantage FJ-1 meets both HPVA and WDMA Type I standards for high water resistance. It is ideal for finger joints in wet-use, non-structural products, such as exterior millwork. Franklin Adhesives & Polymers recommends it for both interior and exterior use for finger joints in molding, cabinets, architectural doors and other wood components.

This high-performing product also offers the advantage of a low minimum-use temperature of 45°F (7°C), enabling application in colder environments. Its shear thinning rheology makes it ideal for both extrusion and finger jointing applications. In addition, the adhesive is water-based and, therefore, easy to clean up with water, further saving production time. A six-month shelf life surpasses the pot life of two-component products mixed in the plant, reducing the amount of wasted adhesive and trimming production costs.

Advantage FJ-1 takes its place among Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ broad offering of wood adhesives for assembly, edge and face gluing, lamination, veneering and finger jointing applications. Wood product manufacturers can get more information on any of these adhesives via email,; by phone,1.800.877.4583 or at

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers Produces How-To Video Series on Joint Preparation

The series of three videos demonstrates how to properly prepare and glue strong, durable joints and troubleshoot adhesive problems in joinery. They are available on Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ YouTube channel.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has produced a series of three videos that provide easy-to-follow, in-depth information on preparing wood joints and troubleshooting corresponding adhesive problems.

The series includes videos on gluing assembly joints; preparing adhesive joints and troubleshooting edge and face gluing; and preparing laminated joints. In each video, a glue expert from the division’s technical support team walks viewers through the preparation process and helps them troubleshoot adhesive problems in joints. Each of the three videos is less than five minutes in length.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers produced the videos in keeping with its commitment to provide a high level of technical support to customers. With more than 70 years combined hands-on experience, its technical support team is one of the most respected in the woodworking industry. The team works closely with customers to provide the best adhesive formulation for specific applications and to help them apply the adhesive properly to ensure superior results – and high-quality finished wood products.  

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