Curtain Opens on FilterFAB 3000 at AHR Expo

Spotlights dance across theater stages on – and off – Broadway in New York City. Nearby, starting tomorrow, at another type of show, a spotlight also will shine on an innovative new product line – in Franklin Adhesives & Polymers booth #7500 at the 2014 AHR Expo, held in New York City this year from January 21st to the 23rd.

We are featuring the new FilterFAB 3000 Series – a line of adhesives that were developed to improve HVAC filtration efficiency – at this year’s show. The series includes three adhesive technologies: one that increases particle entrapment, another that acts as a binder and a third that offers both of these capabilities.

The initial product in the FilterFAB 3000 series draws on technology used for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), adhesives that are typically coated onto a substrate to make tapes and labels. The FilterFAB PSA is a surfactant-stabilized vinyl acrylic adhesive can both laminate layers of filter media together and increase particle entrapment.

The FilterFAB 3000 line also includes water-based surfactant-stabilized polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsions developed as binders to stiffen filter media. The binder is designed to ensure easy pleating and crimping of media and to minimize pore clogging during filtration.  

Filter manufacturers get the best of both worlds with the third adhesive technology in the current FilterFAB line-up – a unique combo-adhesive that fuses the above PSA and PVA technologies to offer the dual functionality of enhanced particle entrapment and media binding. A single sprayer can simultaneously apply both a binder and filtration enhancement PSA, both increasing plant productivity and end-product performance.

In addition to FilterFAB 3000, we are exhibiting FilterFAB 200 and FilterFAB 300, two powerful, fast-setting PVA adhesives for general assembly; and FilterFAB 150, a thick, quick and very versatile sealant for bonding pleated glass or paper media to the frames of air intake panel filters.

If you are attending the expo, please stop by booth #7500 and speak with our technical experts.

The Full Story on FilterFAB 3000

AHR Expo booth #7500 isn’t the only place filter manufacturers can find out about our new FilterFAB 3000 series: The series also is the cover story in the just-released January/February 2014 issue of Filtration News.

The article, entitled, “Adhesives Increasing Role in HVAC Filtration Efficiency,” notes that the role of adhesives in filter manufacturing has expanded with the introduction of technologies that are designed, not just to bond filter components, but to increase the ability of HVAC filter media to attract particulates. The article goes on to present Franklin Adhesives & Polymers as an adhesives manufacturer that is taking a lead in the development of these adhesives, which are sprayed directly onto filter media during filter production.

The two-page piece, which is bylined by Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ director of filter market development, Dan Pikula, offers details on each of the adhesive technologies introduced in the FilterFAB 3000 series. Dan divulges that we will be expanding the line over time – and ensures that we are available, now, to customize products to customer specifications.

Filter manufacturers also get a sense of how easy and affordable it is to integrate these adhesive technologies into their production line. They don’t have to decrease productivity to significantly increase performance of their HVAC filters.

It’s pretty easy to contact us, too, for more information on how FilterFAB 3000 can enhance the filtration efficiency of your HVAC filters. Just call us at 1.800.877.4593 or email us at