2014 Wood Adhesive Outlook: Poised to Help Customers Make the Most of a Good Year

Apr-17-2014 | Comments: 2 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers enters 2014 with the same optimism we began 2013. Even if this year will not be quite as strong as last, the housing market continues to improve, national unemployment is down to 6.7% and, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, the wood industry picked up more than nine thousand new jobs.  

And we feel well positioned to meet the needs of companies an active wood products industry.

First, we have kept pace with newer regulatory issues and can provide you the products you need to meet environmental standards. With a full-time regulatory expert on staff, we stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment and already have addressed newer regulatory issues, from formaldehyde to VOCs. Many of our new wood adhesives are 100% formaldehyde-free, contain low or no VOCs and minimal hazardous ingredients – yet, still offer high heat and water resistance.  We view regulatory requirements as a positive challenge that enables our company to distinguish itself from others – and provide you the technologies you need to do the same.

Our commitment to meeting your adhesive needs continues to lead to the development of high-performance, environmentally friendly products. New to our line in 2014 will be an Acrylic EPI (Advantage EP 950A), developed with structural certifications in mind.  Emulsion polymer technology is one of our core capabilities, enabling us to create our EPI products from the ground up, maintain control over the entire process – and deliver value to our customers. Our EPIs offer very high heat and water resistance, are extremely durable, are 100% formaldehyde-free and can be customized to just about any application. This has enabled us to develop a broad line of EPI products, including the first EPI with long open time for hardwood plywood production, an EPI product for engineered wood flooring, a faster-setting formulation for patio door stile and rail construction, a general-assembly EPI for assembling cabinet door panels and a new acrylic EPI. As the cost leader with EPI technology, we can offer you a high-value EPI solution for many of your bonding needs.

This year, we also will be offering two new products developed in 2013: Advantage FJ-430 and Titebond Quickset 1000 FR. Advantage FJ-430 is Franklin’s best handling two-part finger joint product for exterior millwork applications. It passes ASTM D 5572 and is at home on any finger joint machine. Titebond Quickset 1000 FR is a one-component PVA emulsion designed to both pass UL 723 fire spread test and meet the requirements of MBDC’s Cradle-to-Cradle Certification program for safety to humans and the environment.  

We are here to help you to make the most of what we hope will be a banner year for you and all of our customers.


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