Five Key Considerations in Selecting an Adhesive for Filter Assembly

Nov-11-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: Adhesives & Polymers | Posted By: Dan Pikula
With more than a dozen different types of adhesives out there – and numerous adhesives manufacturers formulating their brands of each – selecting the best adhesive product for fabricating your filters can be a tough job. Where do you start? Here are five basic considerations in selecting the right adhesive for your application.

1.    Start with an expert. Work with an adhesives expert who has a good understanding of the filter manufacturing industry. You want a distributor or representative that knows the range of adhesives and the benefits and drawbacks of each for your particular application.

2.    Keep filter end-use in mind. Any adhesive or sealant you use should be compatible with your filter’s end use. Select the product in accordance with both the fluid that is being filtered and the filter’s service temperature. The adhesive should neither soften nor dissolve into the fluid and must be able to withstand a given service temperature.

3.    How much adhesive do you need? You can save money by purchasing adhesives in bulk quantities rather than smaller containers. However, bulk adhesives typically require some type of dispensing equipment. The more adhesive you plan to use, the shorter the payback on that equipment. Drums and totes might also require an investment in material handling equipment.

4.    Compatibility with your equipment. The adhesive you select should work well with your existing equipment, without causing undue maintenance problems.

5.     Test the prospective adhesive. Some adhesives companies have laboratories available to evaluate their products. Some filter companies also maintain such facilities. Filter manufacturers should rely on testing whenever introducing new adhesives into the plant.  They can also make a trial run to test the complete filter assembly under “real world” conditions.

Landing on the best adhesive for the job can increase your profitability and your product quality. Conversely, the wrong selection can erode profitability and your reputation for well-made filters.  It’s well worth your time to conduct a thorough search for the right product and to partner with a representative and adhesives manufacturer that cares about your success.


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