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  • MARCOM, The People Behind The Brand

    Aug-28-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Jessica Burgund

    MARCOM – short for Marketing Communications Department – is a team of seven associates, combining more than 103 years of experience here at Franklin International. The department is unique in that it functions as an in-house agency with a director of marketing communications, a content manager, four graphic artists and one public relations specialist. (...) <read more>

  • Clean-line Cabinet Laminates

    Aug-26-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Bill Esler, Wood Products Magazine

    The clean lines of European cabinet design seem to be catching on in the U.S. The design style featuring laminate doors with either square or rounded edges, in a rainbow of trendy colors or patterns(...) <read more>

  • Watch Our Chemists at Work, Creating a One-of-a-Kind PSA

    Aug-21-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    Hit a play button, and watch one of our chemists create precisely the right pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to meet specific tape or label requirements – from scratch. Our newest video, demonstrates Franklin Adhesives & Polymers unique ability to create (...) <read more>

  • Wood Adhesive Gluing Tip

    Aug-19-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    Lubricate thrust washers on clamp carriers periodically (...) <read more>

  • Where Would We Be Without Adhesives?

    Aug-14-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Erin Wolford, Flexible Packaging Magazine

    Adhesives help us live life better. How? Well, when it comes to packaging, adhesives help keep labels stuck onto the package they are describing. (...) <read more>

  • How to Create the Perfect Glue Joint

    Aug-12-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Danielle Milam

    Our customers regularly ask us for guidance on creating strong glue joint. Here’s a quick guide to help you achieve the perfect joint. Good glue joints start with the lumber itself. You want your wood to be well seasoned, free from internal stress and dried to a moisture content that corresponds to an EMC(...) <read more>