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  • 2014 Wood Adhesive Outlook: Poised to Help Customers Make the Most of a Good Year

    Apr-17-2014 | Comments: 2 | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers enters 2014 with the same optimism we began 2013. Even if this year will not be quite as strong as last, the housing market continues to improve, national unemployment is down to 6.7% and, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, the wood industry picked up more than nine thousand new jobs. (...) <read more>

  • International Outlook for 2014: Localized Support, Globalized Labeling System and More

    Mar-04-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Danielle Milam

    Only those companies that “think big” can adequately serve and expand across the global market. Franklin International is one of those companies. Consider our key goal – to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world” – alongside the fact that we successfully deliver a broad array of wood glues to 35 (...) <read more>

  • Labeling Outlook: Big Changes Ahead!

    Feb-25-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Erin Wolford, Flexible Packaging Magazine

    Congratulations! The labeling industry is alive and thriving! However, some major changes to the industry could cause a bit of a shake up. New labeling requirements include not only the FDA requirements on drug safety labeling which came about in Q4 2013, but there have also been talks of a revamp of Food Nutrition Facts labels as well.(...) <read more>

  • Charting Our Course in 2014

    Feb-24-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Larry Owen

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers accomplished much in 2013, positioning ourselves for a successful 2014. We have set hefty goals for this new year, with key objectives to better meet your adhesive needs and continue on our quest to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world.(...) <read more>

  • Hot New Adhesive for Office Furniture Manufacturers

    Jan-21-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder

    Chemists at Franklin Adhesives & Polymers have spent time in their laboratories to make it easy for office furniture manufacturers to achieve BIFMA certification for sustainability. We’ve just developed a breakthrough adhesive for use in the manufacture of office furniture(...) <read more>

  • Franklin Slates an Active 2014 in the Filter Industry

    Jan-07-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Dan Pikula

    Recent industry reports indicate that the filter industry will continue to grow at a good clip of more than 5 percent in 2014, primarily in environmental and health-related markets. And Franklin Adhesives & Polymers will maintain our strong focus on this important market through the year – and well beyond.(...) <read more>