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Sticking with the Tried and True, Bringing in the New in 2013

Let me open this week’s blog with best wishes to you for a happy new year.
We in the Franklin Adhesives & Polymers division of Franklin International look forward to a busy 2013, and we’d like to share some of our key initiatives for the new year with you.

First, we carry into 2013 our long-held commitment to Franklin’s corporate vision: “to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world.”  This vision guides our course here in the U.S.A. and across the globe – and underlies all else to which we aspire this year.

Our division is launching five major initiatives in 2013. The new year offers opportunity for change – and we plan to make a few: Early in the year, we will convert select lines for processing pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) to a new platform. This move will enable us to meet higher market demands for specific PSA performance properties.

PSAs also play a role in a second 2013 initiative: to deepen our foray into the shelf-marking market.  PSA-coated labels provide an easy and affordable solution for grocery stores and other retailers who regularly need to change product pricing, etc., on shelf edges in store aisles.

In our wood adhesives market, we plan to further develop our EPI technology for the plywood and millwork markets. EPI adhesives meet some of the toughest bonding requirements in your plant. They offer excellent solvent, heat and water resistance and work on some of the most difficult-to-bond substrates. AT IWF 2012, we announced that we are offering a compact, meter mix system to help our customers accurately measure and mix our two-component EPI adhesives, and we intend to continue this program.

We recently made a strong entrance into the filter assembly and media markets, and we intend to expand our presence in this area during the coming year. We believe we can deliver improved adhesive technology to our customers in the filter industry and help them with their filter assembly needs.

We also intend to explore a brand-new market for us this year, acoustical panel manufacturing. This venture supports our ongoing goal of adapting our technologies and expertise to enter new markets, to both grow as a company and better meet adhesives needs around the world.

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Winter Gluing Tips

Every year, we see a rash of weather-related problems. Most of them fall into one of the following categories and are easily corrected. Here are four of the most common complaints and steps to take before they become a problem.

Open Joints. Open joints at the ends of edge-glued panels are a common complaint during the winter. In most cases, they are caused by rapid drying of the panels after gluing. Make sure that the moisture content of the wood is six-eight percent (closer to 6% is better), and that the relative humidity in the plant is 30-40%. The use of an end-sealer is also recommended.

Under-cured joints. Under-cured joints are common when plant and wood temperatures have dropped. If you are seeing an increase in panel failures, allow the panels to remain clamped an extra 10 to 15 minutes. If you are using radio frequency equipment, try adding five to 10 seconds onto the cure cycle.

Frozen glue. We make every effort to avoid damage to our products due to freezing in transit. During extremely cold temperatures, we will suspend shipments altogether. Try ordering your next shipment a couple of days earlier to ensure supply. If you receive frozen glue, contact Franklin customer service immediately for assistance.

Glue line chalking. A white glue squeeze out means that plant and wood are too cold for the adhesive being used. The "minimum use temperature" is included on our data sheets as a guide. Try keeping the wood and plant temperatures at least a few degrees above this value for safety.

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