For more than 70 years, Franklin International has worked to achieve corporate responsibility in the workplace. We believe it is our duty to protect the well-being of our employees, neighbors, customers and the environment. Through our innovative ideas and commitment to high performance products, we work to meet the needs of our customers without compromising our corporate responsibility.


In addition, Franklin International strives to create environmentally safe products whenever possible. We believe it is our responsibility to invest development efforts to make our products and processes safe for everyone. For more information on our green product lines, visit Titebond Green Choice or Franklin Adhesives & Polymers.



Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement

Franklin International is dedicated to protecting the well-being of our employees, neighbors, customers and the environment.


Supporting Principles

We will comply with the letter and the spirit of the laws applicable to our processes and products, as well as meet or exceed other accepted standards.

We will continually work with our employees, suppliers, customers and neighbors to evaluate and improve our processes, products and services to prevent accidents, incidents and pollution.

We will establish goals, objectives and targets for environmental, health and safety performance which ensure compliance with the applicable laws and other accepted standards as well as support Franklin’s corporate goals for accident/incident prevention and waste reduction and product safety.  

We will review and, where appropriate, revise these goals, objectives and targets on a regular basis to ensure that Franklin’s environmental, health and safety performance is continually improving. 

We will make every effort to address environmental, health and safety concerns associated with our raw materials, products, intermediates and processes. We believe that our responsibilities to our employees, contractors, vendors, neighbors and customers extend far beyond the facility boundaries.

We will communicate this policy by posting in the workplace and in the lobby. In addition, this policy, other key environmental, health and safety procedures and other important environmental, health and safety information related to our business activities will be made available upon request.