Franklin Adhesives & Polymers Innovates a New Adhesive Specifically for Laminating Fire-Rated and Borated Boards
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Advantage 460 is a lamination adhesive developed exclusively to minimize reaction to borates in fire-rated particleboard and fiberboard, eliminating quick gelling of adhesive upon application to extend working time and ensure successful bonding.


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers Introduces High-Performing EPI System for SIPS Production
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Advantage EP-980 is approved by the ICC-ES in evaluation report ESR-3845 and meets the requirements of Norma CH2148, the standard for residential use in Chile. It is easy to use, cures quickly, works well across a wide temperature range during and after production and offers excellent heat, water and solvent resistance.



FilterFAB 2500 FOAM: The Filtration Industry's First Self-Foaming Adhesive




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