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Franklin Wood Adhesives

CARB-Compliant AdhesiveIWF 2010 Showcase

New Adhesives Line-Up Makes It Easy to Find
the Right CARB-Compliant Adhesive

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers makes it easy for you meet CARB requirements when assembling your plywood and lamination products with the new Plywood Line, a first-of-its-kind line-up of seven CARB-compliant adhesives.

The line offers four PVA products, one EPI adhesive – and our first-ever set of bio-modified adhesives, based on soy technology developed during research funded through a grant from the United Soybean Board. Here’s the line-up:


1. Multibond MX-100 is a revolutionary bio-engineered adhesive, using soy, for hardwood plywood hot pressing with prepress operations
2. Multibond MX-200 is our bio-engineered adhesive for direct feed hot press operations.
3. Multibond EP-930 is a two-part EPI adhesive for HPVA Type 1 performance.
4. Multibond 2015 is a PVA for hot or cold press veneering of hardwood plywood and radio frequency pressing.
5. Multibond MX-90 is a PVA adhesive for hot press veneering of hardwood plywood.
6. Multibond 2580 is a robust, two-part PVA adhesive for difficult substrates, such as hickory. It performs faster with lower spreads than traditional PVAs.
7. Advantage 435 is the only PVA adhesive in the line to offer Type 1 water resistance. It is also very good for borated cores and has an extremely long pot life.

All adhesives in the plywood line provide ANSI/HPVA Type 2 water resistance at minimum – and bring you maximum choice in selecting a CARB-compliant adhesive for your operation.

EPI adhesive, Advantage EP-940Meet a New EPI Adhesive Tough Enough to Bond Treated Wood

We will be coming on strong at IWF this year – with the introduction of a new EPI adhesive, Advantage EP-940, that is robust enough to bond treated lumber and other wood substrates typically difficult to glue. Advantage EP-940 works well on treated Ponderosa Pine, Acacia wood and some plastic composites as well as various proprietary-treated lumbers from some of the best wood brands in the industry.

Other notable characteristics of Advantage EP-940 include reduced condition time over PVA adhesives, less foam and good spreader stability.

Our newest EPI adhesive also has no added formaldehyde, qualifying for LEED credit 4.1 – and helping you lead in the green building movement. Call us at 1.800.877.4583 to have your hard-to-glue substrate tested.

For more information on the Plywood Line or Advantage EP-930, visit us at IWF booth 2016 or


International Woodworking FairVisit us at IWF 2010!

You are invited to booth #2016 at the International Woodworking Fair next week, in Atlanta. Please email us at to set up an appointment with one of our gluing experts in advance of the show.