Ace Precision Wood Tooling

Adhesive and Sealant Council

Alexander Dodds Co.

American Fabric Filter

American Furniture Manufacturers Association

American Society for Testing and Materials

Apquip Corporation

Aro Corporation (The)

Bates Boothcoating

Benzoflex 352

Black Bros. Company

Bright Wood

Carlson Systems

Central Michigan University

Cole Parmer Instruments Co.Colonial Saw

Columbia Forest Products

Con Pro Tech

Conception R.P.

Corotec Corporation

Custom Woodworking Business

Delmhorst Instrument Co.


A Dictionary of Units


DynaSolve CU-6

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

European Woodworking Machinery Co.
Evans Machinery, Inc.
FDM - Furniture Design & Manufacturing

Forest Products Journal

Forest Products Laboratory

Forest Products Society


Gardco (Paul N Gardner Company)

Graco, Inc.

Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (HPVA)

Hot Melt Technologies

James L Taylor Mfg.

Joos Oko

Koch Ltd.

L & L Machinery

Lignomat USA Ltd.

Liquid Control Corporation

LS Starrett Co.

Lyndon Furniture

Mann-Russell Electronics

Michelman Chemicals (Michem Lube 170)

Michigan Technical University

Midwest Automation

Modern Woodworking

Nemeth Engineering

Newman Whitney Co. Inc.


North Carolina State University

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

Oregon State University

Paper Thermometer Co.

Pennsylvania State University


Purdue University

Radio Frequency Services

Raute Wood

Rosenquist, Inc.


Sealant Equipment and Engineering

Sheepscot Machine Works

Step Protect PLUS

Underwriters Laboratory

Union Tool

Union Tool Corp.

University of British Columbia

University of Massachusetts

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of New Brunswick

University of Maine

University of Tennessee

USDA Forest Service

Vacuum Pressing Systems, Inc.

Valco Cincinnati

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

W.A. Hammond Drierite Company

Wagner Electronics Products

Washington State University

Weinig (Michael Weinig, Inc.)

West Virginia University

Western Pneumatics

Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Co.

Window and Door Manufactures Association (WDMA)

Wisconsin Knife Works, Inc. 

Wood and Wood Products

Wood Machining Institute


Woodworking Machinery Industry Association

Workrite Inc.