New FilterFAB 2500 FOAM is the most efficient filter adhesive available for air filter assembly. The two-part polyurethane compound requires as little as one-third the amount of its non-foaming counterpart, uses standard meter mix equipment and eliminates the need for special injection equipment to create the foaming effect.


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has developed the industry’s first self-foaming polyurethane potting compound, FilterFAB 2500 FOAM, significantly advancing the way air-filters are assembled.


FilterFAB 2500 FOAM is the most efficient adhesive available for assembling plastic, metal and wood-wrapped panel air filters. First, it requires up to two-third less product than traditional non-foaming adhesives – and yet achieves ideal adhesive coverage and superior strength. Air-filter manufacturers can easily incorporate the product into the existing production line; it dispenses as a liquid using standard meter mix equipment. At the same time, it eliminates the need for special water, air or nitrogen injection equipment to create the foaming effect.

This first-of-its-kind product also is extremely cost-effective. Manufacturers purchase significantly less adhesive to produce the same amount of product. They also don’t need to invest in special injection equipment. In addition, the reduced amount of adhesive required to bond the media to the frame lessens the weight of the finished filter, lowering shipping costs.

Although they save on production costs with FilterFAB 2500 FOAM, manufacturers can expect high performance from it. It performs well in potting and sealing, curing to a hard closed-cell foam. It also forms superior bonds to a variety of materials such as plastics, metals, wood, fiberglass, synthetic fibers and cellulosic materials. 

Additionally, the product is fully customizable. Franklin Adhesives & Polymers can adapt numerous key characteristics to specific manufacturing requirements. The company can modify foaming percentage, density, foam delay time, open and set time, cure time and meter mix ratio.

FilterFAB 2500 FOAM is the newest addition to Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ FilterFAB line of adhesives for the assembly of air and liquid filters. The company has served the filter fabrication market for nearly two decades, along the way earning a reputation for high-quality adhesives and excellent customer service. 






About Franklin International: Established in 1935, Franklin International is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the U.S. The company employs approximately 400 at its headquarters, laboratory and plant, in Columbus, Ohio; eight U.S. distribution centers; and a plant in Guangzhou, China. Franklin provides local support to customers domestically and globally through a network of 75 independent sales representatives and direct field sales associates. The company maintains two divisions: the Construction Division manufactures Titebond-brand wood glues, construction adhesives, sealants and flooring products, and Franklin Adhesives & Polymers provides adhesives for wood product assembly, filter assembly and tapes and labels.

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