Franklin Adhesives & Polymers revolutionized the industry by creating water-based PVAs. We understand the growing need to create better environments in which to live and work as well as the need to preserve natural resources. By virtually eliminating the use of high solvents in our manufacturing process, we have created more environmentally friendly adhesive products.

As a pioneer in environmentally friendly polymers and adhesives, we offer one of the industry’s most complete lines of VOC-compliant, solvent-free, formaldehyde-compliant adhesives and polymers for wood and wood products. From formaldehyde-free adhesives to products with levels of formaldehyde below CARB Phase II requirements and international restricted levels, we offer adhesives to help customers in the plywood, cabinet and interior millwork industries meet their tough formaldehyde emission requirements worldwide. At Franklin, we’re dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of environmental concerns and have designed products created with soy, starch and other natural resources.

In addition, we offer one of the industry’s only lines of recycling compatible, low-VOC, solvent-free pressure sensitive adhesives. The U.S. Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) certified these pressure sensitive adhesives as being “environmentally benign,” ensuring that the adhesives can easily be removed from paper during the recycling process. 

But we won’t stop there – we are dedicated to investing in future technologies and continuous product improvement. We believe that however small or large the application, manufacturers, woodworkers, engineers, coaters and chemists alike should have an environmentally friendly adhesive solution for every need. Franklin is committed to preserving the environment. We continue to develop technologies and formulas that will help our customers make choices that are smarter, healthier and more environmentally sustainable. We’re also committed to helping our customers learn about industry regulations and the tests needed to support passage of these regulations; and in helping them find products to exceed these standards.