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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
 Micronax microsphere repositionable adhesives

Constellation of New PSAs to Star at Labelexpo

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is giving visitors to Labelexpo Americas 2010 three new reasons to stop by booth 1651 during the show this year: We are showcasing a trio of revolutionary new PSA technologies at the booth that offer coating, converting and packaging companies exciting new options in repositionable and permanent adhesives.


Making their debut at the show are Micronax microsphere repositionable adhesives, Acrynax acrylic polymer hot melt permanent PSAs and APE-free Covinax permanent PSAs.


Micronax Microspheres Open a World of Possibilities
Micronax Microsphere PSAs provide the highest degree of repositionability of any type of PSA on the market – and open untold possibilities for products that need to be removed and reapplied multiple times.


The secret behind microsphere adhesives is in the size of the particles, or spheres, in the product. Microspheres are tiny particles measuring between 10 and 250 microns in diameter. Although they are microscopic in size, these particles are much larger than the emulsion particles in conventional adhesives. The size difference has a dramatic impact on adhesive tack. By forming a discontinuous film, microsphere adhesives limit physical contact, resulting in low peel, removability and stable tack over time.


The ability to reposition products coated with Micronax adhesives make this unique product ideal for countless applications, ranging from product decorations, wall graphics, temporary signage and repositionable notes to arts and crafts and advertising pieces. Micronax microspheres also have been approved for FDA indirect food contact and can be screen-printed. 

Acrynax the Friendly Alternative to Solvent-Based Adhesives

Acrynax the Friendly Alternative to Solvent-Based Adhesives

Franklin Visitors to Labelexpo looking for environmentally safe alternatives to solvent-based PSAs for permanent applications can find that at booth 1651, too. Our new Acrynax line of acrylic polymer hot melt PSAs is better for the earth – and is a cost-effective option to UV-curable pressure sensitive hot melts, too.


The Acrynax adhesives exhibit good adhesion to a variety of materials, including polyester, glass, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, non-wovens and paper. They are optically clear, skin-friendly and highly resistant to water, solvent, ultraviolet light and many plasticizers. Acrynax also can be used as a modifier of other adhesives, imparting the benefits of acrylic chemistry to these products. 

Leading the Way with APE-Free PSAs

Franklin long has been a leader in developing environmentally safe products for the environment. And now, we take great pride in introducing a new technology for removing alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) from PSAs – well ahead of expected regulatory action to control these dangerous compounds.


APEs are a family of chemical compounds that can be hazardous to water and marine life. They are used in the manufacture of many common consumer products, from detergent to adhesives, and often end up in wastewater treatment plants. Sludge from treated wastewater streams is used for agricultural applications and can end up in streams and rivers. There, they degrade into toxic chemicals that can damage the health and reproduction of birds, fish and mammals.


In pioneering the ability to remove APEs from any Covinax PSA we offer, we are helping make the world a safer place for the animals that inhabit it – while offering you high-performance solutions for a broad array of applications.


New Products are Just the Beginning
As noteworthy as these three new technologies are, more awaits you at booth 1651. Stop by and explore our complete offering of PSAs for removable, permanent and repositionable applications. We look forward to seeing you at the show. And to showing you how we can meet your specific PSA requirements.