Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Bonding Questionnaire

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has been a privately owned company since 1935. We are committed to becoming the most trusted adhesion company in the world, and we are here to help serve you better. Are you interested in one of our pressure sensitive adhesives? Are you looking for an adhesive recommendation for your specific application? Are you trying to request a quote? If so, please fill out the form below and we guarantee a reply within 3 business days. Please feel free to contact our customer or technical services departments if you need immediate assistance.

If formulating please skip to question 9.
2. What type of PSA do you coat?

3. Please tell us about your coater.
5. What type of bond do you need?

6. What type of face stock do you coat?

9. Are there specific performance requirements or properties you are trying to target?
10. What attributes are you looking for?

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