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  • Internet of Things to Come

    Sep-18-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Bill Esler, Wood Products Magazine

    As wood manufacturing machinery has become more sophisticated, it’s also become more connected – allowing manufacturing processes such as coating and gluing to be monitored from anywhere in the factory. Some machines event connect wirelessly through Blue Tooth to production servers and(...) <read more>

  • Traveling to the Trade Shows

    Sep-16-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    For the remainder of this year, Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is crisscrossing North America as an exhibitor at close to a dozen trade shows. We think it’s important to support the trade organizations that hold them; but we also find them extremely valuable to our business.(...) <read more>

  • You're Never Too Old To Learn

    Sep-11-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Tom Polischuk, packagePRINTING

    There’s always room to learn new things. I always appreciated the importance of the extremes of the learning cycle. There's the early stages when a person learns enough to get to the point where he or she can ask questions. Then there's the expert end, best (...) <read more>

  • General Gluing Tip

    Sep-09-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    Keep product containers sealed when not in use to prevent(...) <read more>

  • One-Part Finger Jointing Adhesive Can Play a Big Part in Boosting Productivity

    Sep-05-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder

    You might want to take a minute to read about a new wood adhesive – Advantage FJ-1 – and save time later, in the production of finger jointed products. We’ve just introduced our first one-part PVA cross-linked wood glue that passes ASTM 55792-95 (2012) wet use testing for finger joints. It’s noteworthy, because PVA adhesives that pass this rigorous testing typically are two-part(...) <read more>

  • Effect of Sawing and Drying Practices on Lumber

    Sep-03-2013 | Comments: 1 | Posted By: Karl Forth, CabinetMaker+FDM

    There’s a good summary of sawing and drying practices that was written recently by the Wood Dr., Gene Wengert. He discusses sawing, (...) <read more>