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  • Smart Technology Smooths Defects

    Jul-08-2014 | Comments: 2 | Posted In: | Posted By: Bill Esler, Wood Products Magazine

    Consumers are of two minds on furniture and cabinetry design: the popular glossy surfaces with seamless edges, as well as the textured with even rough surfaces. The glossy appeal follows the iPhone look, sleek perfection, simplicity and spare. It caters to the “technology rules” mindset.(...) <read more>

  • Skateboarding Our Way Beyond Wood Components: Five Creative Industrial Applications for Wood Glue

    Jun-24-2014 | Comments: 4 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder

    Millwork, cabinetry and wood furniture might account for the bulk of our wood glue business. But you’d be surprised at some of the other manufacturers that use our glue to create their products. Here’s a look at five of some of the more interesting products we hold together.(...) <read more>

  • Forecasted New Technology Spanning the Next 10 Years

    Jun-10-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Erin Wolford, Flexible Packaging Magazine

    A newly released report from research firm Smithers Pira brings an interesting angle to the flexible packaging and labeling sector. There will be 5 “disruptive technologies” in the packaging sector by 2023. These include: (...) <read more>

  • Five Essential Steps in Edge and Face Gluing

    May-20-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jaye Schroeder

    Having problems creating strong edge-and-face joints in your cabinets or furniture? Before you blame the glue, you might want to make sure you are taking each of these fundamental steps when you prepare the wood and glue. (...) <read more>

  • Putting PSI in Its Place

    May-06-2014 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Cindy Smith

    New customers frequently tell us, right off, that they want an ultra-strong adhesive for their production line. We give them an understanding nod – then ask them to tell us exactly what they will be bonding. Although adhesive manufacturers often emphasize the strength of their products, the fact is, once cured, all wood adhesives(...) <read more>

  • 2014 PSA Outlook: Market Streams toward Water-Based Products, Smart Production

    Apr-17-2014 | Comments: 1 | Posted In: | Posted By: Todd Hunt

    Label 2014 a good year for PSA tape and label manufacturers. We expect the PSA tape and label markets to grow three to five percent globally this year, with significant contributions from Asia and South America. Use of aqueous PSAs – already the leading label technology (...) <read more>