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  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Gluing Tip

    Oct-16-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    To maximize performance of a pressure sensitive adhesive label to any type of plastic, make sure you clean(...) <read more>

  • 3D Visualization of Interior Spaces

    Oct-09-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Bill Esler, Wood Products Magazine

    Imaging how a room will look with a particular cabinetry, paneling or laminate flooring is one of the toughest challenges for interior design clients. The mental preview assembled from swatches and tags of elements, such as veneered panels, mouldings and ceiling panels,(...) <read more>

  • Wood Adhesive Gluing Tip

    Oct-07-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    To make certain that the glue lines in edge of face glued panels are strong, check for saw marks before gluing.(...) <read more>

  • UV LED

    Oct-01-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Tom Polischuk, packagePRINTING

    One of the technologies to watch real close is the quickly emerging use of UV LED for inks, adhesives, and coatings. At the TLMI Technical Conference early in September, Tom Hammer, product manager, narrow web for North America at Flint Group, and Greg Palm, executive VP new business development, covered the emerging technology's benefits and reviewed some beta site implementations. (...) <read more>

  • The Filtration ‘Top Ten’: What Would You Pick?

    Sep-25-2013 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Mark Holmes, Filtration + Separation

    As part of our 50th Anniversary series of articles, I recently commissioned our longest serving contributor and filtration industry stalwart, Ken Sutherland, to select a ‘Top Ten’ of developments, events, people or indeed anything that he believed had shaped the industry over the past half-century. I did this in the full knowledge that after publication I would undoubtedly be receiving correspondence as to all the others that should never have been left out.(...) <read more>

  • Wood Adhesive Gluing Tip

    Sep-23-2013 | Comments: 1 | Posted By: Abbe Raabe

    Ensure that the substrates and glue are above the “chalk” or minimum film formation temperature of the adhesive you are using. (...) <read more>