Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ Multibond family of products

Multibond Family

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ Multibond family of products features high-performance cross-linking PVA adhesives that are ideal for radio frequency gluing. Typical applications include radio frequency edge and face gluing of panels, squares and components used in furniture manufacture, as well as hot press veneering and curved plywood.

Specific attributes of the Multibond family include:

  • Multi-purpose adhesives designed for radio frequency, cold press, hot press and finger joint equipment
  • Excellent choice for interior end-use radio frequency gluing of dimension stock such as panels or squares used for furniture manufacture
  • Durability properties that withstand transport conditions
  • Specialized products to prevent bleed-through of thin or porous veneers

Multibond Products

Multibond 2000 – produces a water-resistant bond recommended for hot or cold press and assembly gluing applications

Multibond 2015 - ideal for hot or cold press veneering and performs well for edge and face gluing in radio frequency applications

Multibond 3215 - recommended for hot and cold pressing of veneers and high-pressure laminates to various cores as well as edge and face gluing in high frequency operations

Multibond EP-930 - designed to improve radio frequency conductivity

Multibond EZ-2
 - designed for cold press applications including finger jointing, but can also be used for radio frequency, assembly and hot press gluing

Multibond MX-90 – water-resistant adhesive designed for use with plywood in hot pressing applications

Multibond SK-8 - highly water-resistant adhesive for the manufacture of skateboards in cold press operations