The Assembly Glue family is ideal for a variety of applications, including tongue and groove, doweling, mortise, and tenon and dovetail.

Assembly Glue Family

The Assembly Glue family is ideal for a variety of applications. Some of these applications include tongue and groove, doweling, mortise and tenon and dovetail.

Specific attributes of the Assembly Glue family include:

  • High solid content, which provides for excellent gap-filling properties
  • Wide variety of products designed to provide a range of assembly times and setting speeds to meet customer process needs
  • Low minimum use temperature/ Good heat resistance
  • Dyed products also available

Assembly Products

Assembly 65 - extremely fast-setting, very versatile and is widely used for assembly applications and general cabinetry

Assembly 161 - sets fast to reduce assembly time on solid woods, particleboard, MDF, plywood and other porous materials

Assembly Clear - cost effective and fast setting adhesive that creates a translucent glue line when dried

Assembly High Tack - excellent for general assembly as well as edge and face gluing of hardwoods and softwoods

Doorbond 200 - is a fast-setting, water- and heat-resistant, one-component flush door adhesive

Woodbond 1910 - ideal for finger jointing of interior stock and has excellent handling properties, high heat resistance and easy extrusion capabilities