ReacTITE 6010 is a moisture curable polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive

ReacTITE 6010



ReacTITE 6010 is a moisture-curing polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive. It is designed for bonding to wood to wood.  It is a 100% solids adhesive that eliminates VOCs. Because ReacTITE 6010 is fast setting, the need for pins and staples and the follow-up steps of sanding and puttying is reduced. The product is formulated with a UV indicator to allow easier visibility under black lights.





•  Excellent for bonding wood
•  100% solids – 0 VOCs
•  Fast setting



Cartridge Preparation Instructions: In order to prevent product drooling and damage to your gun, preheat the cartridge to 250°F for a minimum of 30 minutes in either the dispensing gun or preheater unit. After 30 minutes, attach the adapter and nozzle onto the threaded end of the cartridge. Do not apply air pressure to the cartridge during the preheating process as this may cause the tube to become pressured and initiate product drooling. Set the gun’s air pressure to 80 psi and begin dispensing adhesive. Initially some minor product drool may occur but it should subside after a few seconds.

Moisture content:
Six to eight percent is the recommended moisture content for the gluing stock. High moisture content will speed the cure rate and may decrease the working time of the product.

Stock preparation: The preparation of the stock to be glued is extremely important. Joints cut from rip saws should be free of saw marks. They should also be straight and square. Moulded or jointed stock should be free of knife marks. Glazed or burnished joints will prevent adhesive penetration and should be guarded against. Gluing stock should be uniform in thickness. Variation in thickness should not exceed ± 0.005 inches/0.12 mm. Sanding to thickness should be performed using higher than 50 grit abrasives. When possible, glue joints should be prepared and glued the same day.

Spread: A 1/8” OD bead allows for 130 linear feet per cartridge or 170 linear feet per pound of adhesive.

Assembly time: The assembly time is influenced by many factors some of which include glue spread, moisture content of the stock, porosity of the stock, environmental conditions and adhesive choice. Assembly times of reactive hot melts are significantly shorter than other chemistries and range from a few seconds to several minutes.

Press/ clamp time: Press times are dependent on the adhesive used, gluing stock type, moisture content of the stock and environmental conditions. Press times can range from one to five minutes.

Machining/ post process conditioning: After the minimum clamping time period, the substrates have enough handling strength to be cut and sanded. The adhesive has approximately 90% cure in 24 hours and full cure in five to seven days.

Operating temperatures: The recommended operating temperature for reactive hot melts is 230-270ºF. The working properties of the adhesive also change dramatically with changes in temperature. Cooler adhesive will be higher in viscosity and cure more quickly, reducing the working time. Higher temperatures extend the working time but also increase the cure rate and decrease the viscosity.

Clean-up: For easy removal of adhesive from equipment, wait until the adhesive has cooled and turned white.  It can easily be peeled from equipment in the first hour. Extrusion guns and hoses should be purged with PURClean, a reactive hot melt cleaning compound. PURClean should be purged through until the extruded adhesive is dark.



Shelf life: Best if used within twelve months of date of manufacture.
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