Franklin Adhesives and Polymers understands that the woodworking industry requires adhesives for multiple applications


At Franklin Adhesives and Polymers, we understand that the woodworking industry requires adhesives for multiple applications. Whether our customers are making cabinets, windows, doors or furniture, we have products designed to meet their needs in assembly, edge and face gluing, laminating and finger jointing. We have solutions for many different market segments in the woodworking operation. 

Each of our commercial wood adhesives offers varying degrees of open time, cure time and viscosity to match specific application requirements. These applications require different methods of gluing to maximize the performance of the adhesive. For every application, we have created gluing guides designed to help you use our products in the most common operational environments. We also have technical experts on staff, trained to perform audits of your operation to make sure you are using our adhesives to their fullest extent. These experts will also take samples from your production runs to ensure our adhesives meet your performance requirements. We are here to maximize your company’s performance while maintaining industry regulations at a competitive price.

Need a product for a new application? Have an application and can’t get the adhesive to perform? Call Franklin Adhesives & Polymers. We’re here to help you.