Our ReacTITE line is the next generation of adhesive products

ReacTITE EPI Family

Our ReacTITE line is the next generation of adhesive products, combining reduced processing times with unmatched durability. Typical applications include edge-glued panels, boards, non-structural posts, door and window parts and engineered flooring.

Specific attributes of the ReacTITE EPI family include:

  • Durability properties meeting the majority of non-structural wood product requirements
  • Excellent heat and solvent resistance
  • High solid content
  • No added formaldehyde content (NAF adhesives) 
  • Excellent water-resistance, capable of meeting the rigorous ASTM D 5751 Wet Use, European DIN EN 204
  • D3 and D4, ANSI/HPVA EF 2002 and the JAS Boiling water test
  • Enables reduced processing time
  • Designed for cold press, hot press and radio frequency gluing
  • Fastest-setting cold press adhesive when an exterior water-resistant bond is needed
  • Superior durability to withstand domestic and international transport conditions (exposure to high temperature and humidity)

ReacTITE Products

ReacTITE EP 925 – highly water resistant, no added formaldehyde adhesive that can be utilized with cold press, hot press or radio frequency press equipment

ReacTITE EP-980 – EPI developed specifically to meet AC05 and ASTM D 7446 for use in the manufacture of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)