Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ industrial adhesives for the structural industry

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ experience and knowledge in adhesive technology, as well as our polymer emulsion capabilities has led to high-performance adhesives designed for the structural industry. Manufacturers can expect water resistance, heat resistance and high performance in our adhesives designed specifically for this market, including structural wood components, and most recently, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers' adhesives are designed to meet rigorous manufacturing demands while providing solutions to specific needs. Our structural adhesives have the performance that can be relied on. Our products meet critical requirements based on stringent testing methods for adhesives used in SIPs and structural glued lumber including finger-jointed, face-glued and edge-glued lumber. Some of the requirements we meet include ASTM E119-16, ASTM D2559-12a, ASTM D7247-07ae1, ANSI 405-2013, CSA 0112.9, CSA 0112.10, ICC-ES in evaluation report ESR-3845 and Norma CH2148.

Our structural adhesive products include:

  • Advantage EP-950A is an acrylic-based EPI with exceptional water and heat resistance that is ideal for structural glued lumber. It is exceptionally resistant to water and heat and recently passed ASTM E119 wall burn testing, on top of ASTM D2559-12a testing. It is an easy-to-use, environmentally safe EPI that develops low foam during curing and can be used on finger jointers, cold or hot presses.
  • ReacTITE EP-980 is an EPI for use in the manufacture of SIPs comprised of various facing materials with EPS core. It is approved by the ICC-ES in evaluation report ESR-3845 and meets the requirements of Norma CH2148, the standard for residential use in Chile. It is easy to use, cures quickly, works well across a wide temperature range during and after production, and offers excellent heat, water and solvent resistance.

Our commitment to ongoing research and product development results in innovative products such as these, created to meet evolving industry needs and environmental concerns. We pride ourselves on offering products that are backed by independent laboratory certification according to leading U.S. and international performance standards.