Franklin is committed to woodworking industries around the globe


Committed to woodworking industries around the globe

At Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, we provide adhesion solutions for many sub-industries within the international woodworking market, from furniture, structural, flooring and plywood to building components. Our commitment to market research and brand management enables us to design products our customers truly need. For each industry we serve, we develop a whole line of adhesion solutions. Our technical experts vow to meet every need within these industries. For you, this means we have several products, with varying properties and cost structures, to meet your diverse business needs within one industry. We can formulate our adhesives to work on different presses (both hot press and cold press) and substrates at a wide variety of speeds. We have created custom solutions for our clients that include products for hot press lamination, edging and facing, assembly; and custom adhesives for composite flooring.

Have a need for a product to grow your industry? Have a new industry we haven’t discovered? Give us a call – we’re committed to helping you grow your business.