Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has developed multiple product families

Product Family

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has developed multiple product families to meet various needs within wood manufacturing plants. For international markets, we manufacturer the following product families: Titebond, Multibond, Assembly, ReacTITE and Woodbond. Each of our product families provides a set of properties designed to perform a specific function within a woodworking operation.

Advantage family -- highly water-resistant products for a variety of applications
Assembly family – wide range of products for various assembly needs

Multibond family – products ideal for radio frequency gluing and other applications

ReacTITE family – products designed for engineered flooring as well as window and door parts

Titebond family – products designed for furniture, cabinets and other woodworking needs

Woodbond family – products designed for interior millwork applications, such as finger jointing


In addition to providing various, specific performance attributes, these product families were also designed to meet specific price points. No matter what your business, we have a product designed to fit your needs. Our commitment to research and development puts us at the forefront of technology, and we are constantly striving to create new, innovative products to better meet your needs.