Multibond 2025 is a pre-catalyzed cross-linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive

Multibond 2025


Multibond 2025 is a pre-catalyzed, cross-linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive. It is recommended for hot and cold pressing of veneers and high-pressure laminates to various cores. A special feature is non-bleed through when porous veneers are used. Multibond 2025 is formulated to give longer assembly times than Multibond 2015.



Tolerances: Gluing stock should be uniform in thickness. Variation in thickness should not exceed ± 0.15 mm. Sanding to thickness should be performed using higher than 50 grit abrasives.

Spread: Generally, 140-245 g/m2 of glue line is adequate. Lower adhesive spreads require better stock tolerances and shorter assembly times. Commonly, a mechanical glue spreader is used to apply a uniform spread to the gluing surfaces.

Assembly Time: Assembly time can vary greatly depending on the adhesive used, glue spread, porosity and moisture content of stock, environmental conditions, etc. A small bead of adhesive squeeze-out around the perimeter of the bottom panel in the stack is desirable. Generally accepted assembly times range from 15 to 20 minutes.

Pressure: Pressure is dependent upon the species or material to be glued. Direct contact of the gluing surfaces must be achieved to obtain maximum strength. Suggested pressures for various substrates are: high pressure laminates, 2.1-5.6 Kg/cm2; solid core stock, 7.0-10.5 Kg/cm2; all-veneer constructions, 7.0-17.6 Kg/cm2.

Press Time: Press time is dependent on the gluing stock type, moisture content of the stock and environmental conditions. Typical press times range from 30 minutes to two hours. Press times should be determined underplant conditions.

Minimum Temperature: Curing temperatures should be higher than the minimum use temperature of the adhesive, which is 12°C. This includes the temperature of the stock to be glued as well as the air and adhesive temperatures.

Press Time: Press time is dependent on the adhesive used, gluing stock type, moisture content of the stock and environmental conditions. Typical cold press times range from 30 minutes to two hours and should be determined under plant conditions. RF press times should be determined by in-plant testing on each machine. Hot press cure times can be estimated with this hot press schedule and verified with in-plant trials. 



Multibond EZ-1 is designed for edge-gluing and laminating in cold press, hot press and radio frequency. Multibond EZ-2 is similar to Multibond EZ-1. However, it may be used under colder plant conditions. Multibond 2015 is formulated for longer assembly times than Multibond EZ-1 and improved bleed through protection on thin veneers.


Store in tightly closed original container. Protect from freezing. Storing at temperatures above 25C will reduce the maximum storage time. If thickening, separation or settling occurs, the adhesive should be thoroughly mixed and will then be ready to use again.

Note: Discoloration of wood veneer products occurs occasionally. This phenomenon is very infrequent and ranges in appearance, color and may vary with the species of the veneer. Discoloration may appear during or after the manufacturing process. Among other things, environmental conditions in some manufacturing plants can contribute to discoloration. If veneer discoloration occurs, our representatives are prepared to visit and assist you in attempting to identify the causes of the staining and possible solutions. Because such discoloration is attributable to conditions beyond our control, Franklin International can assume no responsibility of liability for any discolorations that might occur.